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As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

The Albany Times Union delivered a frequently heard complaint about the behavior of people on bicycles with respect to “rules of the road” (or, put more simply, using common courtesy and common sense).

In a Letter to the Editor that seems supportive of cyclists’ concerns and of redesigning roads with their safety in mind, the author calls out cyclists for ignoring the traffic lawshare the road

The next time you are riding in the presence of people in cars or on foot, why not stop for the red lights and stop signs, ride on the right with traffic and the correct direction on one-way streets, and use your bright cloths, lights and hand signals?

If we expect those with no interest in riding a bicycle to be supportive of proper facilities for people on bicycles, we need to be good ambassadors for the cause.tumblr_mksf0nHcEK1qh2ly7o1_500


Cyclists Must Also Obey Traffic Laws

 Letters to the editor – September 2, 2015

I’m sorry that Benjamin Wells and his brother “don’t feel safe biking around Albany” (Aug.18 and I can understand the position of the advocates for dedicated bicycle lanes on Madison Avenue. However, I would like to remind bicyclists that they are supposed to follow the rules of the road. 

We have seen many bicyclists fail to stop for stop signs and red lights. Others don’t use hand signals and therefore make unexpected turns. Although it is contrary to the law in New York, as we were driving on Sand Creek Road on Aug. 24, a man was riding his bicycle facing traffic, instead of with the flow of traffic. 

I hope that if bicycle lanes are constructed on Madison Avenue or elsewhere, bicyclists who are using them understand that they, too, must take responsibility for their personal safety by obeying the traffic laws. 

Judy Madnick, Albany


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A Kick in the Head . . .


While not directly related to bicycles (other than “livable community,” “shop local,” etc.), the New Year 2015 will not be blessed with the best pastry shop in the area – Crisan (197 Lark St., 445-2727). Iggy and Claudia have announced that their business is converting to wholesale/special orders model and will no longer host a street side café.

Crisan has been a busy mainstay on Lark St. for six years. It offered the best pastry in the area, delicious coffee, and gelato in a courteous, welcoming atmosphere. It was common to find all three tables fully occupied and a long line at the counter. In all but the coldest months, the three outside tables were a great spot to “see and be seen” and enjoy the goodness of Crisan.

While this change is a real loss, rest assured that “Crisan Bakery & Edible Art Gallery” will provide you the best (and most attractive) cakes and pastries you can envision.

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Daily Grind – 7 Years of Bliss

Thanks to our loyal sponsors, the Daily Grind Coffee Shops, we had the 7th Annual Daily Grind Ride was on Saturday, 8/16/14.  After a photo op at the Albany café, we cruised down State St. to the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail.  Riders

 ??????????????????????Ali and Adam, Amanda and Derrick, Amy and Ken, David, Indiana and Perry, Jim, Joe, John, Lorenz, Margaret, and Mike paused at the boat launch to meet up with two more riders and for another pic.  The weather could not have been better and the path was well use by joggers, people on bicycles, and walkers.

???????????????????????????????On the way through sunny Watervaliet, Bert joined us and did Rob and Theo later on in Troy.  For the first time ever, after leaving the Sovereign and Independent Nation of Green Island, we were stopped by the lift bridge (after which we all felt guilty sliding by the long line of stopped cars).??????????????????????

The Daily Grind staff in Troy rolled out the welcome mat and the food with a generous discount for all who partook.  At both the Albany and Troy shops, we presented the staff with a framed picture of the 2013 riders posed in front of the respective café.

 After lunch, some went to the Troy Farmers Market while others headed back to Albany by the bike path.  Three riders went to the SOBI BikeShare hub in Washington Park.  The share bicycles were so popular that only one was there (and it was “grounded”).  Nonetheless, one of our number took a short test ride and expressed her satisfaction with the BikeShare bicycle.


Overall, a good time was had by all sixteen who participated with our youngest rider, Indiana, lending her special charm to the event.  She was later joined by Theo who helped keep us smiling.

PHOTOS: Albany Café, Boat Launch, “Stop” – the Bridge is “Up,” Troy Café, Après Ride


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Albany Public Library & Bethlehem Public Libraries Embrace Bike Month 2014

Thanks to hard work by an Albany Bicycle Coalition member, there are topical displays in both the Albany (Main Branch, 161 Washington Ave.) and Bethlehem (451 Delaware Ave.) public libraries.

APL went a step further with a Bike Month 2014 flyer promoting their new “Zinio Digital Magazine” service – as a way of accessing literature remotely. So far, the collection on cycling is limited to Bicycling.APL Bike Month Flyer 5-1-14 001

If you check out the Bethlehem homepage, you can select some of the cycling books featured – including “Just Ride” by Grant Petersen. This read is well worth the time, and you can have it shipped by interlibrary loan to your nearest branch.

So stop in for a look at available literature for people who bike.????????????????????????????????????????????

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Albany Tweed Ride Returns on April 27

TweedIt’s time for Albany’s third Tweed Ride – Sunday, April 27, 10:00 AM.

Don’t have any tweed? Don’t worry: just dress in your Sunday best and leave the spandex & Day-Glo at home. Meet at The Cheese Traveler, 540 Delaware Ave., 10:00 AM where there will be breakfast specials. We will depart around 10:30 AM. There will be ride marshals to help through intersections and to keep us together. This is a casual ride and is neither fast nor competitive. No one will be left behind.

There will be a group photo shoot in Washington Park after which we will end at Olde English Pub & Pantry at 683 Broadway for brunch. Riders get 10 percent off their orders. Previous Tweed Rides were a lot of (very civilized) fun with friendly people. If you are looking forward to getting back on your bike this spring, and meet some other cycle-friendly people, this could be a good opportunity.

Eric tweed

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