Blessing or Curse? – the Washington Ave. Flyover

The Washington Ave. Flyover and Related work is complete.  Two cyclists gave their opposing thoughts on the results.  What are yours?


From a Daily Washington Ave. Extension Commuter – I am VERY deeply concerned.  I suspect it is going to force me to change my route entirely to avoid it.  I go west on Washington.  If I take the flyover, I have cars and garbage trucks coming onto Washington westbound at 55 mph on my right on the on-ramp from Fuller while I am stuck between them and the other traffic doing 55 mph on my left.  This is almost certain death.  If I get off Washington before the flyover and go down the ramp, around the circle, and back up the ramp, I have to assert my right-of-way over the commuters coming south on Fuller Rd. and into the circle while I’m there.  This also strikes me as a death-defying experience.  I cannot say for sure because I have not tried it yet, but I expect this whole thing is going to be a HUGE disaster for my commute.  I think the design is terrible for cyclists and sets us back instead of moving us forward.  It makes one more place no normal cyclist will ever dare go.

From an Experienced Road Cyclist – I took a ride . . .  through the university and along Washington Ave. Extension.  I do like the new configuration at Fuller Road.  It was easy to do the traffic circle and then the flyover.  The condition of the road surface at that intersection is much improved, needless to say.  And I do like traffic circles.  I think they are fun and despite what others think, I say safer.  Traffic certainly does need to slow down in order to negotiate and this seems to give equal advantage to the cyclist.  [The result] could be cumulative as numbers of cyclists increase.


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3 responses to “Blessing or Curse? – the Washington Ave. Flyover

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  2. BarryT

    Road on the flyover heading east along Washington Ave. ext to Washington Ave. It was on a Sunday afternoon and it was dreadful. Not only is there loads of debris on what is otherwise a very wide shoulder, you hit a point where cars and heavy trucks are merging into your lane from the right, just as the shoulder narrows. It felt very dangerous. If I had to commute it, I’d avoid it, (just like Central Ave. from Vatrano Road to Manning).

  3. Rob

    I took the flyover on a Sunday afternoon as well and did not find it too awful. I agree with Barry T about the rough shoulders, but that signals to me that I get to have a lane for myself. I’m not riding on a shoulder not suitable for a road bicycle. I could be seen from anywhere on the road and cars could easily pass me. Mind you, on a busier day, the ride might not be as pleasant.
    Going eastbound, I felt safer due to the traffic light stopping the on-ramp traffic from Fuller Road. Going westbound I felt it was safer leaving Washington Ave. and making my way through the round-a-bouts. There is no traffic light going west. I could easily take a half circle and shoot up the hill back to the highway. The shoulder was fine until the rough patches near Crossgates. I remember them as terrible before they built the flyover.
    Cars seem really cautious around these round-a-bouts now, so I did not feel endangered. However, the bicyclist should behave like an automobile, and take on the circle accordingly. Pedestrian cross walks also line the round-a bout, so the path allows for mixed modes of transportation. I recommend more signage to mind for pedestrians and bicyclists. Drivers needed to be trained for the round-a-bouts to begin with, so this would be taking the training another step further.
    I would like to see more share the road signs, and possibly sharrows, if they choose not to improve the shoulders.
    I may try it during rush hour to compare the experience. This road was never a good commute during a busy time. If you do this at night, be sure to wear a Christmas tree full of lights. Next time I’m through I will look for over head street lighting.

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